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Our Specialist Services


1A will is a legal document that explains what you want done with your assets, after your death. Apart from dictating who should inherit your assets, a will can also be used to specify other wishes such as guardians for your children.

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2When instructed we can provide a full range of services from dealing with complete administration of an estate on behalf of Executors, in Dubai or the UK , to simply advising on or assisting with any specific aspect of the estate.

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Offshore Structures

3An offshore company is one that is incorporated in an offshore jurisdiction, for one or more advantageous reasons – legal and asset protection, succession planning, simpler set-up, lesser reporting and privacy.

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Business Succession

4Everyone wants to retire. If you own a family business, retirement is not just a matter of deciding not to go into the office any more. Besides ensuring that you have enough money to retire on, who will manage your business?

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The end of life or unexpected changes in the way of living is not something that anybody wants to dwell on…

But planning the security of your children and the wellbeing of loved ones is vital, and making sure that you have done everything you can do to make their lives easier will bring you equanimity. Wondering about the prospects of your business, assets, and possessions is just as important – both to assure future generations and to ensure continuing success. Another aspect to consider about the future is the implications of prevailing Sharia laws in the UAE, which can run contrary to your wishes.

Once your desires are drafted into legal documents, you will not have to worry about the future unless something changes in your life significantly.

At The Wills Specialists, our qualified lawyers are exclusively dedicated to helping you with your estate planning, asset protection, family security, and wealth transfer needs.

As a firm of skilled and involved lawyers, we offer outstanding client service in all aspects of wills, trusts, offshore structures, business succession and probate planning. We are committed to providing excellent legal work, and we guarantee exemplary results by giving each of your legal matters attentive, respectful and personalised care.

  • Protect your children
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Ensure familial security
  • Confirm business continuity
  • Guard your wealth and assets
  • Save time and money
  • Safeguard your loved ones