About Nita Maru

Nita Maru, a British qualified solicitor and Managing Partner of TWS Legal Consultants with over 16 years of experience at senior positions held in London and the UAE. Nita has a British law degree, and is a member of The Law Society of England and Wales. She also holds a full Legal Consultancy license from the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. Nita is also a Board member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) in Dubai. She is well-known for her personal yet professional approach to resolving ‘real problems faced by real people’, and can be contacted at info@twslegal.ae or Tel: (+971) 4 4484284.

Registry for Expats will set launch at DIFC

Legal uncertainties over expatriate wills in Dubai could become a thing of the past with the launch early next year of a new registry.
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) hopes that the new wills and probate registry – open to all non-Muslim expatriates – will benefit those wishing to hold financial and real estate assets […]

Will registry for expats launched by DIFC

DUBAI In a landmark move, Dubai has set the ball rolling for the introduction of new rules relating to succession and inheritance matters of non-Muslims owning assets in the emirate.
On November 16, the Dubai International Financial Centre’s Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA) launched a month-long consultation with the UAE legal community and the public on a […]

Company Formation in Free Zones

Q. What is a free zone? Why do some companies opt to set up their business in free zones?
A. In general, a free zone or free trade zone may be described as a portion of a city or a clearly designated area in a country apportioned for business activities such as the receipt and storage […]

UAE inheritance system

Q:How different is the UAE inheritance system with that of other countries?
In the UAE, inheritance for Muslim nationals is guided by Sharia laws(a system of Islamic law based on the Quran), while the law of the deceased’s home country can be applied for non-Muslim expatriates. Sharia is not a codified law and is capable of […]

Property inheritance matters

As if expat life were not fraught enough with challenges and complications, families of those who invest in properties here face further complications in the sad event that the property owner passes away intestate. Nita Maru of TWS Legal Consultants shares some legal advice regarding the above.
How different is the UAE inheritance system to that […]

Getting round to owning property in Dubai

From what began as a fledgling real estate industry way back in the early part of this century, the emirate of Dubai had definitely grown in leaps and bounds through the years, with its rapid growth halted only by the crippling global financial crisis.
And although the scars left by the property crash remain visible today, […]

Divorce – the last recourse

We’re usually brought up to believe that when two people fall in love, the natural outcome is getting married and building a family. Even in countries where arranged marriages are the norm, and the basis for pairings are usually economic, social or political in nature, marriage is considered a sacred union or bond between a […]

If you really must divorce, this is how it happens in UAE

It is no secret the UAE has the highest rate of divorce in the region, with Dubai taking first place within the country. In 2012, Dubai alone recorded 1,129 divorces, with divorce among Emiratis making up one-third of all separations.
Various reasons for the high rates of divorce in the country have been cited including marital […]

Will your family have a sound future

In your own country, there may be statutory laws to guide the distribution of your assets after your demise. But in the UAE, making a legally valid will is the best way to ensure that all your wishes are carried out.
According to Sharia law, each member of your family will get a share of your […]

Protect the ones you Love

Although living and working in Dubai offers a charmed lifestyle of sea, sun and sand, it also demands meticulous planning of your assets; not having a legally documented will or estate plan in the UAE means that your estate will be distributed under Sharia law which is both rigid and complicated. Taking professional advice from […]