How to Contract with a Free Zone Company or vice versa

Many businesses have opened up in the various free zones dotted around the UAE. Whilst the advantages of a free zone company are pretty well-known, 100% foreign ownership/full repatriation of profits etc., one of the anomalies is that free-zone companies are, often, prohibited from carrying on a business with persons (including companies) resident in the […]


I. Introduction to Franchising
In basic terms, a franchise is a licence, or permission to use the name and products of an existing business as well as the trademark. The party that grants the franchise is known as a franchisor and the party taking the franchise is known as a franchisee.
Once the franchisor grants the franchise […]

Companies and their Memoranda

UPCOMING DEADLINE: 30 June, 2017- Companies and their MemorandaIf you do not amend your company‚Äôs documents by the end of 30 June, 2017, your local Limited Liability Company could be dissolved or substantial fines could be imposed.If you own or partly own shares in a LLC, then it is important that you have your Memorandum […]

Where UAE contract law differs from abroad

Often when companies are doing business in the UAE; and, in particular, wishing to draft a contract, there is a temptation to go online and find a document to copy and paste. Many documents online originate from either the United States or the England, or countries following a similar legal system- the common law system.
However, […]

Start-ups Basics: Protecting Your Idea

Many IT companies start with an idea- some of them are good, some not so good. After the basic idea, it is often the case the people behind the idea, the tech guys, will start going around pitching the idea or the concept to potential investors- these could friends/family, incubators, banks, private equity groups, venture […]