How to Contract with a Free Zone Company or vice versa

Many businesses have opened up in the various free zones dotted around the UAE. Whilst the advantages of a free zone company are pretty well-known, 100% foreign ownership/full repatriation of profits etc., one of the anomalies is that free-zone companies are, often, prohibited from carrying on a business with persons (including companies) resident in the […]

Company Formation in Free Zones

Q. What is a free zone? Why do some companies opt to set up their business in free zones?
A. In general, a free zone or free trade zone may be described as a portion of a city or a clearly designated area in a country apportioned for business activities such as the receipt and storage […]

Legal advice before leg work

It is a well-established fact that every company in the UAE must be duly licensed to operate in the country, irrespective of whether it is commercial, professional, or industrial in nature. What is less evident is how the law and lawyers play a vital role in the formation of a new company. Aspiring entrepreneurs, and […]