Divorce and Family Law in UAE / UK

The stress associated with a divorce can be minimized with the right guidance and legal expertise. Acting as ‘western qualified lawyers with local experience’, our strategic and supportive team offers efficient and effective assistance to both Muslims and non-Muslims living in the UAE.

You can be assured that our family lawyers will guide you through each stage of the process and aim to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. We understand that each case is unique, and our highly-skilled team comprising of English and Arabic speaking family lawyers, can advise you on the most cost-effective and efficient way to proceed with your case.

You may wish to instigate proceedings to end an unsatisfactory relationship, or you may be on the receiving end of a divorce petition from your partner. We will identify the most appropriate jurisdiction – based on your specific needs – and negotiate fairly and firmly on your behalf to ensure that you are well protected and that you reach your desired family outcomes.

It is imperative to assess the longer term future needs of both spouses and more importantly, your children. A financial settlement should be custom-tailored to a family’s needs. Negotiating a beneficial and practical financial settlement in divorce is a skilled and complex task and requires careful consideration of numerous factors.

It is our aim to work effectively to make it a seamless procedure, whether it is a divorce proceeding in the UK or locally in the Dubai Sharia Courts, or internationally. Our family lawyers in the UAE are qualified to provide advice on divorce wherever you may have been married. In fact, most couples living in the UAE are not married in Dubai; however, they may divorce in Dubai, depending on the circumstances of the marriage.

Divorce proceedings between both Muslim and Non-Muslim married couples are commonly filed in the UAE Courts. Non-Muslim expatriates have the option of filing for divorce in their home country (domicile) or alternatively, in the UAE legal system. The decision on where to divorce requires an understanding of the benefits and consequences of divorce in each jurisdiction. Our divorce lawyers in Dubai are well-experienced in jurisdictional issues and can assist you in making this decision.

Our team of lawyers is often called upon to comment on the validity of Islamic marriages (the Nikah) and Islamic divorces (Talaq). Our advice can also extend to international aspects of Islamic marriage and divorce and can help in achieving payments of the wife’s ‘mahr’ (mandatory Islamic financial settlement) and the recovery of assets. Our team’s skill sets allow us to advise on matters regarding UAE law surrounding divorces and financial matters while providing resolutions that are compatible with Sharia Law.

If you wish to resolve matters amicably between the two of you, alternative dispute resolution tactics such as Mediation, Negotiation and Conciliation may be an option for you. Mediation provides a speedier, cost effective and non-adversarial method of resolving disputed issues. It is a cooperative avenue which gives separating couples the opportunity of retaining greater control over decisions and is one route of avoiding contested Court proceedings.

Our divorce lawyers in Dubai include British and Arabic speaking lawyers, specialized in areas of divorce, separation, custody, and financial settlements in the UAE/ UK Courts. Our practice areas include:

1. Divorce (UK or UAE/Dubai Divorce)
2. Arrangements for children, Custody and Guardianship issues.
3. Ancillary relief (division of finances, properties and assets)
4. Mediation
5. Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
6. Islamic Marriage Contracts
7. Separation/Separation Agreements
8. Domestic Abuse/Injunctions
9. Forced Marriages
10. Children’s Issues
11. Advise on travel bans

Our highly dedicated family lawyers provide you with:

1. A detailed assessment of your personal circumstances to ascertain the right course of action.
2. Representation at Court and all preliminary meetings.
3. Preparation of settlement agreements.
4. Dealing with your divorce and/or other ancillary matters from start to finish.

Our family lawyers can provide you with a consultation about how you can protect yourself if your marriage has broken down.

Have a full and comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced divorce lawyers in Dubai about how you can protect yourself in the course of your divorce. Email us at info@twslegal.ae or call +971 4 448 4284.

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