Labour Law

Employers and employees often require assistance to navigate the complex and somewhat unique labour law of the UAE. We advise employers and employees on a wide range of issues including the validity and enforceability of non-competition clauses, the realities of imposing/receiving an employment ‘ban’, disciplinary procedures/penalties, notice requirements and end of service benefits (gratuity).

Our team is experienced in dealing with the Ministry of Labour and free zone authorities and have a deep knowledge of the applicable legislation and regulations relevant to your business. We can fully advise you on the appropriate documentation for your circumstances and advise you on how to best protect and secure your position – whether as an employer or as an employee.

  1. Employment contracts
  2. Employee manuals
  3. Review of corporate employment practices
  4. Advice and representation in disputes
  5. Freezone and ‘on-shore’ labour law advice

To obtain more information on UAE Labour Law, please contact one of our experienced lawyers. Email us at or call +971 4 448 4284.

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