Establish a DIFC Foundation for Succession Planning & Asset Management

Benefits of Setting up a DIFC Foundation TWS Legal Consultants

Unlocking a realm of possibilities, DIFC Foundations serve as a formidable tool, capable of championing charitable causes while safeguarding invaluable assets. Whether you seek to support noble initiatives, safeguard a family business, secure real estate holdings, or protect treasured artwork, setting up a DIFC Foundation is an innovative and versatile solution.

Benefits of Setting up a DIFC Foundation:

In 2018, the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) unveiled the DIFC Foundation regime. This groundbreaking initiative serves as a versatile wealth structuring option, catering to both Muslim and Non-Muslim expatriates residing in the UAE, as well as international investors seeking to safeguard their assets and family businesses within the UAE.

DIFC Foundation serves as an effective tool for succession and legacy planning, facilitating the seamless transfer of assets while minimizing the risk of family disputes. It also provides crucial protection against creditors and divorce claims, shielding assets from external threats. Furthermore, the DIFC Foundation offers a valuable solution to mitigate forced heirship rules, granting individuals greater control over their wealth and inheritance decisions.

Here are the key advantages of establishing a DIFC Foundation:

1. Perpetual Existence after a Lifetime of Founder

A DIFC Foundation continues to exist beyond the founder’s lifetime, ensuring the sustained impact of their philanthropic or asset management goals.

2. Solid governance structure:

DIFC Foundations operate within a robust governance framework, ensuring effective management, transparency, and accountability, instilling confidence among stakeholders and beneficiaries.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality:

DIFC Foundation offers a secure environment where personal and financial information is protected, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for individuals and families.

4. Private wealth management and asset preservation:

DIFC Foundations offer dedicated mechanisms for private wealth management, enabling effective asset preservation and strategic financial planning.

5. Succession and legacy planning:

DIFC Foundations facilitate seamless succession planning, ensuring the smooth transfer of assets and preserving family legacies for future generations.

6. Creditor and divorce protection:

By transferring assets to a DIFC Foundation, individuals can shield themselves from potential claims in the event of creditor actions or divorce proceedings, providing added protection and security.

7. Mitigates forced heirship rules:

Establishing a DIFC Foundation allows individuals to bypass forced heirship rules and have greater control over the distribution of their assets according to their own wishes and objectives.

8. Charitable and non-charitable purposes:

DIFC Foundations serve as versatile vehicles that can be established for both charitable and non-charitable purposes, allowing individuals to support causes close to their hearts or manage specific assets effectively.

9. Self-managed with competitive set-up costs:

DIFC Foundations can be self-managed, providing individuals with control over decision-making processes, and they offer competitive set-up costs, making them an attractive option for effective asset management.

How TWS Legal Consultants can help you with tailored DIFC Foundation solutions

Embark on a transformative journey with TWS Legal Consultants as we guide you toward a future fortified by comprehensive wealth structuring. Drawing upon our extensive experience in advising clients on wealth preservation strategies for over a decade, our team of skilled lawyers stands ready to assess your unique needs and tailor a robust legacy plan through the establishment of a DIFC Foundation that perfectly aligns with your objectives.

Meticulously structured to ensure seamless asset transfer in accordance with your desires, the DIFC Foundation will serve as a testament to your vision. With an in-depth understanding of the intricate procedures and regulations governing the DIFC, our lawyers will deftly navigate the DIFC Foundation registration process, ensuring a hassle-free experience that saves you time and effort.

Hire TWS Legal Consultants today and unlock the full potential of your wealth, paving the way for a resilient legacy that transcends generations.

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