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UAE Inheritance System – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How different is the UAE inheritance system from that of other countries? In the UAE, inheritance for Muslim nationals…

Divorce – the last recourse

We’re usually brought up to believe that when two people fall in love, the natural outcome is getting married and…

Getting round to owning property in Dubai

From what began as a fledgling real estate industry way back in the early part of this century, the emirate…

Property inheritance matters

As if expat life were not fraught enough with challenges and complications, families of those who invest in properties here…

If you really must divorce, this is how it happens in UAE

It is no secret the UAE has the highest rate of divorce in the region, with Dubai taking first place…

Will your family have a sound future

In your own country, there may be statutory laws to guide the distribution of your assets after your demise. But…

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