Establish a DIFC Foundation for Succession Planning & Asset Management

Unlocking a realm of possibilities, DIFC Foundations serve as a formidable tool, capable of championing charitable causes while safeguarding invaluable assets. Whether you seek to support noble initiatives, safeguard a family business, secure real estate holdings, or protect treasured artwork, DIFC Foundations offer an innovative and versatile solution. Benefits of setting up a DIFC Foundation: […]

Setting up a DIFC Foundation

The DIFC introduced the DIFC Foundation regime in 2018 (DIFC Law No.3 of 2018) as an alternative wealth structuring vehicle for both Muslim and Non-Muslim expats resident in the UAE and international investors that wish to protect their assets and family businesses in the UAE. A Foundation can be set up to hold a family […]

New inheritance laws in DIFC

In a landmark move, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has set out plans to form the ‘DIFC Wills and Probate Registry’ and introduce new internationally-recognized common law principles that will allow non-Muslim individuals owning assets within Dubai to freely dispose of their Dubai estate in the event of their death. Following her involvement with […]

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