Divorce – Frequently Asked Questions

As an Expat in the UAE, if you are contemplating divorce, you are bound to have many questions running through your mind. Can you choose the UAE or the UK in which to get divorced? Do you have to get divorced in the country in which you got married? How do you get divorced in […]

Custody and Guardianship matters relating to children in the UAE

When couples separate and decide to divorce the first consideration for most, is the welfare of their children. Where will the children live? Will I get to spend time with them? Can I travel with them? These are just some of the questions that come to mind in relation to children, when deciding to proceed […]

Ending The Blame Game: The Introduction of No-fault Divorce in England and Wales

At TWS Legal Consultants our UK qualified family lawyers welcomed the new  divorce reforms in the UK. On the 6th of April 2022, UK Parliament passed an amendment to the existing divorce laws in England and Wales to allow for a no-fault divorce. Couples in the process of separation are now not required to assign […]

Matrimonial Proceedings – UK or Dubai Court?

When a couple decide to divorce the issue can be further complicated when you are residing in a foreign country where you are not aware of the local laws and procedures. The laws governing divorce in the UAE are different and can become complicated if there are children and assets involved. Nita Maru, Managing Partner […]

Divorce During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Spending lots of time together as a family is a dream come true for many couples who are kept apart by the long working hours and frequent travel which is part of many high-level jobs in the UAE.  The Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the country being completely locked down for several weeks, meant many […]

Why January is known as ‘Divorce Month’

For family lawyers, January is known as ‘Divorce Month’. The reason behind this is by and large the preceding holiday period. Either couples wish to spend one last Christmas or New Year period as a family before taking the step towards dissolving the marriage or the holidays act to exacerbate and highlight underlying tensions and […]

Frequently asked questions relating to Divorce

The cost of your case will depend entirely on your requirements and the specifics of the case. At TWS Legal Consultants we will provide you with a clear cost estimate at the start of the process with transparency as to the approach used. We ask that you complete an information form prior to attending the […]

What are the rights of a father in a divorce?

Whether you decide to divorce in the UK or the UAE, it is imperative for parents to be aware of and understand their position in relation to any children of the family. In the UAE, there are two aspects involved in the care of children: Custody (Hadana) and Guardianship (Wilaya). Custodians are the caretakers of […]

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