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The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a leading financial hub in the Middle East region. It provides a platform for international financial institutions and businesses to operate in a tax-efficient environment with access to a world-class legal and regulatory framework. One of the unique features of the DIFC is the availability of a unique legal structure known as the DIFC Foundation.

A DIFC Foundation is a legal entity established under the DIFC Foundations Law, which provides a legal framework for the establishment and operation of foundations within the DIFC.

DIFC Foundations offer several benefits, including asset protection, succession planning, and philanthropic purposes.

Asset Protection

A DIFC Foundation can hold and manage assets on behalf of its beneficiaries. By separating the assets from the beneficiaries’ personal or corporate assets, a DIFC Foundation can provide a layer of protection against potential claims from creditors or legal disputes. The assets held by the foundation can include cash, securities, real estate, and intellectual property.

Succession Planning

DIFC Foundations can also serve as an effective tool for succession planning. The founder of the foundation can specify the beneficiaries and the terms of the distribution of the assets held by the foundation. This can ensure that the founder’s wishes are carried out after their death or incapacitation. Additionally, the founder can appoint a protector who can oversee the foundation’s operations and ensure that the beneficiaries’ interests are protected.

Philanthropic Purposes

DIFC Foundations can also be established for charitable purposes.  The founder can specify the charitable objectives, the beneficiaries, and the foundation can operate in perpetuity, ensuring that the charitable activities continue even after the founder’s death.

How can TWS Legal Consultants help?

DIFC Foundations are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses and individuals looking to manage their assets, plan their succession, or support charitable causes.

Protecting your assets in the UAE has never been more important. We have vast experience in legacy planning and inheritance matters in the UAE. We would be happy to work with you to create a bespoke Foundation that reflects your wishes and values. Whether it’s through a DIFC Will or a DIFC Foundation now is the time to take action to safeguard your family and assets in the UAE.

The author of this article is Nita Maru – Managing Partner of TWS Legal Consultants.

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