Nita Maru


Nita Maru - Solicitor (England & Wales) TEP & Managing Partner


Nita Maru is an accomplished UK-qualified solicitor and visionary Managing Partner of TWS Legal Consultants, a dynamic law firm in Dubai.

With over 25 years of experience in senior positions in London and the UAE, Nita is renowned for her expertise in private client law, Wills, inheritance, and succession planning.

Her commitment to excellence, personal yet professional approach, and dedication to safeguarding her clients’ families and assets have earned her respect in the legal community and beyond.

Professional Memberships and Licensing

Nita Maru holds a distinguished portfolio of professional memberships and licensing, showcasing her dedication to legal excellence.

Nita is a member of The Law Society of England and Wales, signifying her affiliation with one of the most esteemed legal professional bodies in the UK. Her expertise in family inheritance and succession planning is further validated by her full membership with The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP), a prestigious worldwide association.

Additionally, Nita possesses a full legal consultancy license from the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department and is licensed by DIFC as a Will Draftsman, DIFC Foundations, and other corporate services provider.

Authorship and Media Recognition

Nita Maru’s extensive knowledge in the field of family inheritance and succession planning has garnered significant recognition in various media and legal circles.

As a prolific author and contributor, Nita’s insights on Wills, Inheritance, Succession, and family matters have been featured in esteemed publications such as The Gulf News, The National, and Khaleej Times, British Business Group, Entrepreneur Middle East, Global Legal Group and more. Her thought leadership has solidified her position as a respected authority, and her contributions continue to enlighten readers on crucial legal aspects.

Through her authorship and media recognition, Nita Maru strives to empower individuals with essential knowledge, ensuring they make informed decisions concerning their family and assets.

Nita’s Practice Areas

Nita’s practice areas range from Wills & Estate Inheritance, Legacy Planning, Family & Divorce Law and Structuring DIFC Foundations.

Trusted Relationships in the UAE Legal Sector

With an impressive presence in the UAE legal sector spanning over a decade, Nita Maru has fostered a network of trusted and enduring relationships with key institutions such as the Dubai Courts, Personal Status Courts, and DIFC Courts. Her unwavering commitment to legal excellence and client satisfaction has led to her services being regularly recommended by consulates and embassies in the UAE

TWS Legal Consultants’ reputable standing is further underscored by its inclusion in the British Embassy’s list of established law firms in the UAE. Nita has a leading role in the working group involved in formulating/contributing to the DIFC Wills Service Centre Rules and remains active to date. TWS as a firm has registered a remarkable volume of DIFC Wills and has successfully administered the estates of individuals who have passed away, offering seamless execution of their DIFC Will. Additionally, TWS has expanded its services with the establishment of a DIFC entity as TWS Corporate Services Limited. As a registered agent in DIFC, they specialize in setting up DIFC Foundations, Legacy & Succession Planning, and a wide range of DIFC Corporate Services.

These valued relationships attest to Nita’s unwavering dedication and exceptional legal acumen within the UAE legal landscape.

Safeguarding Families and Heirs

Nita Maru’s reputation for her personal yet professional approach is a testament to her unwavering commitment to safeguarding families and heirs.

With a well-recognized talent for resolving legal complexities, she ensures her clients’ peace of mind, knowing they are in safe and capable hands. Nita’s extensive experience with succession and inheritance laws in UAE jurisdictions equips her to protect families, children, and heirs, providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process.

As a devoted mother of three, Nita’s deep-rooted passion for family underscores her profound understanding of the significance of preserving and protecting her clients’ children’s rights, wealth, and guardianship.

Holistic Approach to Family/Divorce Matters

Nita’s successful and flourishing UAE and UK family/divorce law department stands as a testament to her commitment to providing clients with a holistic approach to address their needs.

At the core of her practice lies a natural sense of empathy, evident in her client dealings, where she places utmost importance on understanding their unique circumstances. Recognizing the complexity of family matters, Nita ensures a well-rounded perspective by considering all factors involved. Her approach blends practicality with sensitivity, ensuring that each case is handled with the utmost care and compassion.

By offering a comprehensive and empathetic approach, Nita ensures that her clients receive the support and guidance needed to navigate through family and divorce matters with confidence and assurance.

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