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Although living and working in Dubai offers a charmed lifestyle of sea, sun and sand, it also demands meticulous planning of your assets; not having a legally documented will or estate plan in the UAE means that your estate will be distributed under Sharia law which is both rigid and complicated. Taking professional advice from The Wills Specialists, a legal consultancy firm in Dubai, licensed by The Rulers Court and Dubai Legal Affairs Department, will mean peace of mind for you and your partner.

We are from Australia and are resident in Dubai. If both my husband and I suddenly demise in UAE who will look after my children ?
If you have prepared a Will specifying guardianship provisions then this will provide certainty of care for your minor children to avoid the risk of local authorities intervention. The worst case scenario is where you both have not prepared a Will – local authorities will have no choice but to intervene and safeguard them. Ultimately children must be protected . If there is no Will in place and there is uncertainty over guardianship then there is risk of intervention. If you want to ensure your children are secure, drawing up a Will should be a priority.

We are have been in Dubai for 12 years. We jointly own various properties in Dubai which are mortgaged and do not have wills in place. If one of us dies will the surviving spouse inherit them?
In the UAE, inheritance for Muslim nationals is guided by Sharia laws, while the law of the deceased’s home country is applied for non – Muslim expatriates. However, there are many uncertainties regarding real estate inheritance issues. Expatriate property owners are recommended to make wills to overcome. Unlike other jurisdictions, the UAE does not practice ‘right of survivorship’ (property passing on to surviving joint owner upon death of the other), and the local courts will make final decisions. To ensure absolute peace of mind on these issues there are alternative offshore solutions we can advise upon.

We have been living and working in Dubai for nine years and do not own property here. The only assets we have here are our bank accounts. We are contemplating whether to prepare a Will or not. Can you advise us?
You may not own property here but have you ever considered that you may have more disposable income here than back in your home country. In addition to the cash you have in your bank accounts you may have a car, a boat, jewellery, art pieces, end of service gratuity etc and when you calculate the value of your total assets it really comes to significant figures. If you have a Will in place, your spouse will inherit your estate as per your wishes.

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