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    Straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient
    Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, Turkey is steeped in
    culture and history. Its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Turkey has a warm climate, stunning cuisine, and spectacular beaches, making it the perfect place for wealthy individuals to retire or spend part of their year.

Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program features a straightforward application process without any obligation to declare the investor’s assets or income generated in other countries, and without their physical presence in Turkey being required.  Whether it is purchasing property as an alternative residence, or as a substantial investment with high ROI potential, there is a wide range of modern apartments and luxury seafront villas available, all at highly competitive prices.

TWS Legal Consultants’ immigration lawyers, who are registered with the Dubai Legal Affairs Department, can advise and represent you on making a Turkey Citizenship by Investment application.  We are a fully digital law firm and can organise appointments via video conferencing if you are based abroad.

What are the key benefits of the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Advantages of Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Programme include:

  • Turkish passport holders can travel visa-free or enjoy visa-on-arrival access to 115 countries,
  • easy access to USA E2 visa, or the European Union through the Ankara Agreement
  • applicants do not need to declare wealth or existing assets upon application
  • there is no obligation to reside in Turkey or to speak Turkish
  • excellent medical facilities, and affordable private health insurance, or free medical treatment in public hospitals a rapidly emerging, stable, democratic, and secular nation, with a great lifestyle, culture, weather, and cuisine
  • residency for spouses, children under 18 can be included.
  • no interview or travel is required during the application process.

How do I obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

As per the 106th Presidential Order, foreign nationals who either:

  • Buy or pledge to buy real estate(s) worth at least 250,000 USD with a pledge not to sell it for 3 years; or
  • Invest in a company for at least 500,000 USD; or
  • Deposit at least 500,000 USD in a Turkish bank with a pledge not to withdraw it for 3 years; or
  • Employ 50 people in Turkey; or
  • Buy Turkish government bonds worth at least 500,000 USD with a pledge not to sell them for 3 years

Note that the Ministry of Treasury and Finance will confirm the investment of USD 500,000.

Our experienced team of immigration lawyers can assist you in completing the application form and collating and presenting the necessary documents.

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