• DIFC Services

    At TWS we simplify the task of establishing your company in
    the DIFC and will ensure your company meets all legal and
    regulatory requirements.

Some of the DIFC Corporate Services we provide are:

Advisory Services

We have significant experience in providing advice to families and individuals on wealth structuring and business succession planning. We can advise and create a DIFC Foundation to protect your assets and family in the UAE.

Company Registration

We will help you set up your DIFC company and obtain the required license and registrations to start its operations while adhering to DIFC laws and regulations. We can assist with the application process and in acquiring the required registration certificate.

Appointment as a Registered Agent

All DIFC Foundations must have a registered office in the DIFC. TWS can provide Registered Agent services (being a ‘Qualified Person’) when appointed as the Registered Agent of a DIFC Foundation. We are licensed with the DFSA and have an office in the DIFC.

As registered DIFC agents, we can:

  1. Register the Foundation and provide the registered address of a DIFC Foundation.
  2. Prepare the incorporation documentation of a Foundation.
  3. Submit the By-laws.
  4. Be the point of contact for ongoing queries/communication.

How can TWS help?

As TWS is a licensed DIFC Corporate Services firm and a registered agent in the DIFC we can expedite the company formation/foundation process, and help you navigate through any legal hurdles.

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