Power of Attorney

    Loss of capacity can also affect young people who have suffered an accident
    or illness, which results in serious brain damage. Therefore, whatever your age,
    you should consider putting a Power of Attorney (POA) in place.

None of us anticipates losing mental capacity.  However, with life expectancy in the UAE now around 77 years of age, cases of diseases such as dementia are expected to rise by 600% by 2030.

POAs also provide peace of mind to expatriates living in the UAE who are not always present in the region.  An agent can be appointed to manage your legal affairs whilst you are overseas.

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Our team of experienced private client solicitors will take the time to listen to your requirements for a POA and advise you on the qualities an effective agent needs to possess. We understand the trepidation many feel about handing over control of their finances and property to someone else. Therefore, you can trust us not to rush you and answer all the questions you have about creating a POA which you are comfortable with.

We are a multi-lingual firm, proficient in Sharia and non-Sharia law.  Our lawyers are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department.  As a niche firm, we are highly respected in the region for our private client law expertise.

Our team will take the time to understand your needs, offer the best solutions, and meticulously draft the required documents.  We are a fully digital practice and can arrange meetings by video conference if preferred.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A POA is a notarised document which allows you to appoint someone (an agent) to manage your financial and property affairs should you become mentally incapacitated or leave the country for a period and therefore unable to do so.  The person/s you appoint as your agent must be over 21 years of age and be of sound mind.

What is the difference between a general POA and a special POA?

A general POA allows an agent to act for you, the principle, in a variety of situations.  The powers granted under a general POA are wide, normally allowing the agent to manage all your affairs whilst you are absent from the UAE or mentally incapacitated.

A special POA only provides the agent with powers specifically mentioned in the POA document.

Our lawyers will explain each type of POA to you so you can make an informed decision as to which type will best serve your needs.  They will then ensure the document is meticulously drafted, ensuring the powers conferred to the agent are clear and concise.

How is a Power of Attorney signed in the UAE?

We will draft your POA in both English and Arabic. We will then arrange for three original copies of the document to be signed/notarised at the Notary Public’s office.  You will need to be present and sign the document in front of the Notary.

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