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    We are experienced in handling the complete handover process for clients
    that own property in Dubai whether they are resident in the UAE or living

Our multi-lingual real estate lawyers are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department and have vast experience of UAE real estate laws.  TWS Legal Consultants is a fully digital law firm.  We can organise appointments via video conferencing if this suits your needs.

Our real estate law team can manage all the formalities such as inspection of the property, utility registration, final payments, collection of keys from the developer’s office, collection of your title deed, and delivery of original documents to you.  This takes the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

By providing us with a Power of Attorney (which we can draft for you) you can rest assured that we can alleviate the stress of the handover of property process for you from start to finish.  Furthermore, if there are problems with the handover, such as lateness and/or property defects, you can be confident that our lawyers will swiftly deal with matters.

Can you help me arrange a Power of Attorney for the property handover process?

Our property lawyers can prepare a Power of Attorney document for you and will advise of the legalisation process in your home country and the attestation process at the UAE Embassy in Dubai or we can prepare a remote Power of Attorney (POA). 

How long does it take to acquire the Title Deeds?

It depends on the developer and how busy the Dubai Land Department is, but typically it can take anything from two to three months to obtain the Title Deed for your property, once the handover has been completed

Can I still rent my property without the Title Deed?

Of course, this is no issue. We can use the relevant pages from the Sales and Purchase Agreement/Oqood to show proof of ownership to complete the Ejari registration.

What should I do if the handover of my off-plan property has been delayed?

If the handover of your property is delayed, you should meet with your developer and contact the Dubai Land Department to get a project update.  If you are unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with your developer regarding handover, we can advise you on the next best steps.  Options include using alternative disputes resolution methods such as mediation to reach an agreement or filing a claim with the Dubai Court of First Instance.

What if I discover defects in my off-plan property after handover?

There are two types of defects applicable to off-plan property – patent or latent.  Patent defects are noticeable to a reasonable person visiting the property, for example a hole in the wall or significant cracks in the ceiling.  Latent defects are problems that are typically only identified by experts and may not be visible to the naked eye.

Our property law specialists can advise and represent you if you discover patent or latent defects in your new property prior and post-handover.  We will take the time to understand what result you want to attain and devise a robust strategy to achieve it.

Please contact us at TWS Legal Consultants to make an appointment to discuss managing the handover of your off-plan property purchase:

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