• Travel Ban

    To prevent a child from being abducted, our family lawyers in
    the UAE can apply for a travel ban to be issued against the child.

Fear and uncertainty can cause a mother or father to remove a child from the country of their habitual residence without the permission of the other parent or the local courts. This can cause immense instability for the child and worry for the parent left behind.​

Over a decade of experience has shown us that when it comes to travel bans, speed is a crucial factor.  We have excellent relationships with the local courts and will work ceaselessly to ensure your child’s welfare is protected.

Our family lawyers are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department.  We are a fully digital law firm and are able to arrange video conferencing if this suits your needs.  As a niche firm, we are highly respected in the region for our divorce and family law expertise.

What is a travel ban?

If a UAE travel ban is issued against a person, it means they cannot leave the territory unless certain conditions are satisfied (i.e. the reason for the ban ceases to exist).  In practise, the child’s name is listed at all entry points to the UAE, such as airports, ports, and borders with neighbouring countries, where the officers on duty will not allow the child to leave.

It is essential to clarify that a travel ban does not automatically translate to the arrest and detention of the child. The ban simply means he or she will not be allowed to leave the country.  If the travel ban has not been issued against the accompanying parent, they are free to travel without the children if they wish to do so.

If you want to apply for a travel ban, you will need to provide evidence to support your application.  Our family lawyers will assist you in collating the necessary proof and present it to the local court persuasively and correctly.  This will significantly increase your chances of a travel ban being put in place.

How long does it take for a travel ban to be issued?

Due to the severe consequences that can result from child abduction, the local court could decide on a travel ban within 24 hours of an application being made.  The other party may not be notified of the ban and, unless they apply for and receive a court order stating otherwise, he or she will not be permitted to leave the country with your child (to whom the ban will apply) whilst the order is in force.

Can I get a UAE travel ban removed?

Not only can we help parents who want a travel ban issued, we also advise and represent clients who have personally, or have had their child, been subject to a travel ban.

Being unable to leave the jurisdiction with your child is stressful and can cause a great deal of hardship.

The local courts will not lift a travel ban unless you can show:

  • there is a good reason for the child to leave the UAE, and
  • the child will be brought back again, resulting in no harm being done to the parent left behind

If you need to apply for or remove a travel ban, our family lawyers have the knowledge of the local courts needed to expertly advise and represent you.  We can also confirm, before travel, whether a travel ban has been imposed in respect of any children who will be leaving the territory.

If you are concerned your child may be abducted from or to the UAE or you need a travel ban removed, please contact us:

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