• Financial Agreements
    for Children

    Our lawyers can advise and assist you in making financial arrangements
    for your children after you separate or divorce, whether you are divorcing
    under the laws of England and Wales or local UAE law.

We assist couples with arriving at an amicable settlement regarding child maintenance including accommodation, school fees or daily living expenditure. One of the advantages of agreeing on matters between parties is that the decision-making power is retained and there is a higher level of flexibility allowed which may not be available if matters progress to court.

Depending on which jurisdiction you choose to divorce, we will advise you on the relevant factors the courts will consider when deciding on financial arrangements for the children of the family.

Our lawyers are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department. As members of Resolution in the UK our family lawyers are committed to embracing their Code of Ethics in family matters.

We are a fully digital law firm and are able to arrange video conferencing if this suits your needs.  As a niche firm, we are highly respected in the region for our divorce and family law expertise.

How is child maintenance dealt with under UAE law?

In the UAE, whilst still married, the father/husband is the guardian of not just the children of the family but also his wife and therefore financially responsible for the whole family, whether the wife is able to financially contribute or not. By contrast, the mother is the custodian of her children in the UAE.

The new Personal Status Law introduces the concept of shared parental responsibility, giving equal rights to both mum and dad until the child reaches the age of 18. In case there is a dispute regarding parental rights, either parent may approach the Court and make an application to exclude the other in order to obtain sole custody. The Court will review the information and decide who is awarded custody based on what is in the best interests of the children and their well-being and safety

The amount of maintenance for the children is dependent on the income of the husband.  It must meet the needs of the children and the requirements of the family after they are no longer residing together as a family. This includes items such as housing, school fees, transportation allowance etc.

How is child maintenance dealt with under the laws of England and Wales?

If parties are unable to agree on child maintenance to be received by the parent with custody of the children should be paid, we can assist with the calculation of how much you would likely receive from the Child Maintenance Service or the courts. There are several factors considered, including but not limited to:

  • How many children there are in the family
  • The incomes of the parents
  • How much time do they spend residing with each parent
  • Whether any child maintenance is being paid for children from previous relationships

We can advise and represent you in child maintenance claims. If handled efficiently and effectively, you may not be required to travel to the UK for your claim/case and our lawyers can assist you with your case from the UAE.

Why should I seek a settlement agreement?

Our family lawyers specialise in negotiating settlement agreements which allow parties to agree upon maintenance matters between themselves, retain control over their case at all times, minimise legal costs, all resulting in a greater rate of compliance with any agreement reached.

Our family law team has over fourteen years of experience advising expatriates in Dubai or internationally on financial arrangements during a divorce.  To make an appointment, please contact us:

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