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    Portugal is a southwestern European country with a rich Mediterranean influenced culture.​

With its attractive location (the closest European country to the United States and South America), 300 days of sunshine per year, and high quality of life, Portugal is one of the best choices for relocation and investment.

Furthermore, according to the Global Peace Index Report, Portugal is the fourth safest country in the world.

TWS Legal Consultants’ immigration lawyers, who are registered with the Dubai Legal Affairs Department, can advise and represent you on making a Portuguese Residency Permit by investment application.  We are a fully digital law firm and can organise appointments via video conferencing if you are based abroad.

How do I get a Residency Permit in Portugal?

In 2012, the Government of Portugal made changes to the Immigration Law 29/2012, allowing non-EU citizens to acquire a temporary Residency Permit for up to five years in exchange for investments in Portugal’s real estate market.  Successful applicants can gain Portuguese nationality through naturalisation if they have legally resided in Portuguese territory for at least five years.

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying real estate in Portugal; however, you will need to obtain a Portuguese tax number.

What are the investment options?

The Decree Law 14/2021 which comes into force brought changes to the amounts involving “Investment activity” for real estate and capital transfer investments. Under the new law decree to gain a Portuguese Residency Permit you will need to:

  1. Invest a minimum of € 350,000 in real estate (if the property was built more than 30 years ago or is located in areas classed as urban regeneration areas by the local municipality); or
  2. Invest an amount equal or over 500,000€ is allowed when the dwellings are located in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira or in inland territories; or
  3. Capital transfer investment for Bank Deposits or Govt. Bonds for at least 1.5 Million Euros; or
  4. Capital transfer in the amount equal to or higher than 500,000€, which is applied in research activities developed by public or private scientific research institutions, integrated in the national scientific and technological system; or
  5. Capital transfers equal to or greater than 500,000€, for the acquisition of investment units in investment funds; or
  6. Capital transfers in the amount equal to or higher than 500,000€, for the incorporation of a commercial company with a registered office in national territory.

What are the key benefits of a Portuguese Residency Permit?

The Portuguese Residency Permit provides several advantages, including:

  • allows free travel within Schengen area, no visa or further documentation required
  • you only have to reside in Portugal for seven days in the first year of your visa and 14 days throughout the following two-year period
  • allows investor to maintain residency in another country

Does the visa extend to my family members?

The Portuguese Residency Permit extends to your spouse and children under 18 years.  Financially independent children over 18 years also qualify.

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