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    With its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, gorgeous gastronomy, and
    fabulous festivals, Spain is the fourth most popular destination for expatriates.​

Spain also boasts an outstanding healthcare system and low cost of living. It is, therefore, an ideal destination for investing in real estate and spending part of your year.

TWS Legal Consultants’ immigration lawyers, who are registered with the Dubai Legal Affairs Department, can advise and represent you on making a Spanish Residency Permit by investment application.  We are a fully digital law firm and can organise appointments via video conferencing if you are based abroad.

How do I get a Residency Permit For Spain?

In 2013, the Spanish Government introduced Law 14/2013, to support entrepreneurs and globalisation.  The Law allows non-EU citizens and their families the opportunity to obtain a temporary Residence Permit in exchange for investing in Spanish real estate.  Qualifying investments must exceed € 500,000.  The purchase can be made by an individual or through a legal entity (company) that is 100% owned by an individual.  The property must be purchased without a mortgage.

Following ten full years of Spanish residency, the investor will have the opportunity to apply for Spanish citizenship and a passport.

Note: Latin American applicants and those who are citizens of an ex-Spanish colony (such as Mexico or the Philippines) are eligible to fast track to Spanish citizenship after just two years of residency, as opposed to ten.

What are the other requirements?

As well as purchasing compliant real estate, you will also need to prove:

  • you have not entered or stayed illegally in Spain, or been refused entry into any of the Schengen countries
  • are 18 years or over
  • you have no criminal record
  • you have never been listed as undesirable in Spain
  • you have valid state or private health insurance
  • you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents
  • you have paid the authorisation or visa processing fee

Our immigration lawyers will help you collate the necessary documents to prove you meet the eligibility criteria.  We will also work with you across the lifespan of your Residency Permit to ensure you remain eligible for permanent residency and citizenship if this is your ultimate objective.

What are the key benefits of a Spanish Residency Permit?

Advantages of Spain’s Residency Permit include:

  • it is open to non-EU nationalities
  • you can work in Spain
  • permanent residency can be obtained after five years if you reside in Spain for six months of a calendar year
  • Spanish citizenship can be acquired after ten years

Can my family receive a Residency Permit?

Family members, (your spouse and children under 18 years), can be included in an application for a Spanish Residency Permit.

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