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The team at TWS Legal Consultants have long been recognised as experts in the field of Wills, succession planning, and administration of estates.

Our Abu Dhabi Wills Lawyers/ Draftsmen assist with the drafting of Abu Dhabi Wills, providing you with the certainty that your wishes will be adhered to upon death.  As one of the most experienced estate planning firms in the region, we are adept at looking after your wealth protection and inheritance requirements.

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We are a fully digital law firm and can organise video conferencing and register your Abu Dhabi Will online.

Why do expatriates in Abu Dhabi need a Will?

Expatriates are often unaware of the fact that if a family member dies without a registered non-Muslim Will in place, UAE law will automatically apply to the deceased’s estate.  This is likely to translate to your assets being distributed in a way you may not have wished or expected.

Furthermore, joint assets do not get passed onto the survivor.  Instead, each joint owner is viewed as a shareholder and the deceased’s share will be passed on to their family members in the prescribed divisions.  Relating to guardianship, Shari’ah law states that upon the death of the children’s father, his closest male relatives would become guardians of his surviving children.

How can I protect my estate from being subject to Sharia Law?

The Abu Dhabi Courts Judicial Department has created the Abu Dhabi Wills Registry to provide an option for non-Muslims with assets and children in the UAE to opt out of Sharia law and to register their alternative wishes.

The Abu Dhabi Wills Registry is an important development for non-Muslim expatriates to ensure their wishes are correctly documented and registered with the peace of mind that Sharia principles will not apply to their UAE estate.

How can we help?

The lawyers at TWS Legal Consultants are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) / Dubai Legal Affairs Department and are active members of STEP. We have over fourteen years of experience in providing innovative solutions to complex Wills and estate management requirements. Our expert Wills Draftsmen can assist you with drafting your Will and registering it correctly.

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