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Inheritance disputes can cause enormous stress and bitterness concerns between family members.

TWS Legal Consultants have long been recognised as experts in the field of Wills, estate planning, and administration of estates.  This means we often spot problems other lawyers may overlook and have the experience to swiftly deal with them, preventing a dispute from occurring in the first place.

Our private client lawyers are multi-lingual and proficient in Sharia and non-Sharia law. They are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)/ Dubai Legal Affairs Department and are active members of STEP.

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We have a robust knowledge of Wills and inheritance/probate law and how it applies to expatriates in the region.  If your dispute relates to a DIFC/ UAE/Sharia/Abu Dhabi/ UK Will or probate, we can advise and represent you from the UAE.  We also assist in the administration of deceased estates/probate within the UAE. Wherever possible, we use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation to reach an agreement.  However, if court action proves inevitable, we will strenuously defend your interests.

TWS Legal Consultants is a fully digital law firm.  We can organise appointments via video conferencing if this suits your needs.

What grounds can a Will be challenged on under UK law?

A Will can be contested on the following grounds:

  • the testator lacked the capacity to make a valid Will
  • the Will was not executed correctly
  • there was undue influence exerted on the testator
  • the Will is fraudulent or forged
  • the testator did not know or approve of the Wills contents
  • clerical errors

A claim can also be made under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 if a person feels they should have been adequately provided for in a Will (they must fall under specific categories, such as a spouse or adult child, to bring a claim).

Our team advise those wishing to challenge a Will and also executors who are facing a Will being challenged.  Whatever your situation, we can provide legal advice that you can rely on and take the problem off your shoulders.

Can a Will be challenged in the UAE ?

A challenge could be made against a Will where:

  • doubts about the executors performing their legal duties
  • uncertainty regarding the identity of the beneficiaries
  • disagreements over the beneficiaries right to inheritance
  • issues related to paternity

Under the DIFC Wills Service Centre regime, it is also possible to challenge on other grounds, for example, the testator being a Muslim.

Challenging a Will can be distressing.  You can have confidence that when instructing our inheritance dispute lawyers, you are receiving honest, expert legal advice.  Furthermore, you can trust that your dispute will be resolved in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible.

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