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    As your local lawyers abroad, our Dubai estate administration team
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    for a Succession Certificate at the Dubai Court.

The death of a loved one is devastating and stressful in normal circumstances. But if you are an expatriate, far from home and in a country where you are not familiar with the local laws, the worry intensifies tenfold.

Our team of Wills and estate administration experts have been advising expatriates and UAE citizens on private client matters for over fourteen years.  We are highly regarded across the region as experts in advising people whose loved ones have died with or without leaving a Will.

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We are a multi-lingual firm, proficient in Sharia and non-Sharia law.  Our Legal Consultants are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority/Dubai Legal Affairs Department and are active members of STEP. They have a robust knowledge of UK/UAE law and how it applies to expatriates in the UAE.  By instructing us to apply for a Succession Certificate, you can be fully confident that the process of distribution of assets post death will be managed swiftly and correctly, taking the worry off your shoulders.

We are a fully digital law firm and can organise video conferencing if this suits your needs.

What is a Succession Certificate?

A Succession Certificate is a document which establishes who the legal heirs are and the legitimacy of a successor to a deceased estate in the UAE.

Why do I need a Succession Certificate?

As well as establishing the rightful legal heirs, a Succession Certificate is needed to administer/distribute the deceased estate in the UAE as per the ratios scheduled on the Certificate.

In the UAE upon death, the personal assets of a deceased including bank accounts are frozen until the local court issues a Succession Certificate.  It is therefore imperative to obtain one as soon as possible.

How can TWS Legal help?

Few people realise the disastrous circumstances facing families whose loved ones die without a Will. In the UAE, assets are frozen, leaving loved ones having to worry about finances whilst trying to cope with their grief.

Our expertise in applying for Succession Certificates provides successors and heirs resident in the UAE or living abroad with peace of mind during a sensitive time.  What may seem like a simple exercise can quickly become confusing and take up a lot of energy.  Our highly qualified lawyers can take the burden off your shoulders by applying their skills, knowledge, and experience.  You can trust we will apply for a Succession Certificate quickly and swiftly deal with any complications.

We have been helping local and overseas expatriates apply for Succession Certificates in the UAE for over fourteen years.   To book a consultation, please contact us:


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