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    Our lawyers can advise British expatriates as well as foreign expatriates
    in Dubai/UAE who have assets in the United Kingdom on making a valid
    UK Will.

You don’t need to go to the UK to seek legal advice; we are your local lawyers abroad, and we will take care of every aspect of your UK Will on your behalf.

We have a team of UK qualified solicitors who are active members of STEP and The Society of Will Writers UK, therefore one of our specialist areas is preparing Wills for UK/British nationals in Dubai or individuals owning assets in the UK.  We can draft a suitable Will concerning your UK assets.  Our UK Wills comply with all the requirements of the laws of England and Wales.

We are approachable, professional, and highly responsive to our client’s needs.  Furthermore, we are well-known throughout the region for coming up with creative solutions to complex Wills and estate management requirements.

Get in touch today to book your complimentary Wills consultation with one of our Wills & Estate Inheritance Lawyers. We are happy to help you.


Let us assist you with drafting a comprehensive UK Will which provides for your loved ones giving them surety and security after you’re gone.

What happens under English law if I do not have a Will?

If you die without a Will under English law, it is referred to as dying intestate.  This means that the Rules of Intestacy will automatically be used to determine how your estate will be distributed.  The Rules define the order of priority which should be followed when passing down an inheritance, starting with the surviving spouse and children.

Without a Will, any wishes you have for your inheritance will not be taken into consideration.  For example, if you had promised one of your assets to a friend, this would not be possible under the Rules of Intestacy.  Also, without a Will, any family member whom you do not wish to receive any of your assets may do so automatically, as these wishes would not be formally known.

How can I protect UK assets if I live in Dubai?

If you live in Dubai and have assets in the UK you must speak to us about ensuring a valid Will covers them.  This is especially important if you also have a DIFC Will, as a Will drafted and executed abroad could invalidate your Will registered with the DIFC, if the other Will is not drafted correctly.

Do I need a solicitor to obtain a Grant of Probate?

If you have been named as an executor or administrator, on the death of the individual, you will need to obtain a Grant of Probate to allow you to administer the Will.  This is typically only applicable if the estate has a value of more than £5,000 and there are property and/or shares included.

You can obtain a Grant of Probate without the assistance of a lawyer; however, most people underestimate the time and complexity involved.  Also, the number of cases involving contested Wills and Probate is rapidly increasing; by not instructing a lawyer, you could leave yourself (as an executor) and the estate vulnerable to a civil litigation dispute.

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