Where there is a Will, there’s a Legacy

When you are living and earning in the UAE, you need to meticulously plan your assets and their distribution rights after you are no more. Not having a legally documented will for your assets here can have undesirable consequences. Shariah Law is very different to the laws of your home country and affects the distribution of your assets and the guardianship of your children. Taking professional advice from Wills Specialists lawyer, Nita Maru will mean peace of mind for you and your partner.

Q. Mr Daswani and Mr Chaudry are business partners and equal shareholders in a LLC company in Dubai, in the fashion / clothing trade. Their business is growing rapidly and they are extremely successful. Mr Daswani is concerned that in the event of death of either one of them what the implications are.
In the event of death of either shareholder, local probate laws apply and this may not meet the succession requirements of either as the shares do not pass automatically by survivorship in this jurisdiction. There are sophisticated ways in which local probate can be avoided which we can advise on.

Q. Mr and Mrs Sharma buy a villa in Dubai in joint names. Suddenly Mr Sharma dies in car crash. He has no will in place.
As there is no will in place, the property will be distributed as per Shariah law meaning that Mrs Sharma could receive only 1/8th of her husband’s estate despite the property being in joint names.

Q. Mrs Roberta, a mother of three, has recently become a widow and she understandably assumes that she will automatically be the legal guardian of her children. A court hearing has been set.
The guardianship of Mrs Roberta’s children will be decided by a Dubai court under Sharia law and in many cases the guardianship will often be appointed to the father-in-law, of the family. If a will had been in place then the wishes of the father would not have been questioned.

Q. Mr and Mrs Shah are expecting their first child. They move to Dubai and open joint accounts and they start trying to save for their new arrival and for a family villa. Suddenly Mr Shah dies leaving no will in place.
The joint account of Mr and Mrs Shah will be frozen meaning that Mrs Shah has no access to money and she has to call on family for financial support. The process of unblocking the account could be a long and complicated process at a time when Mrs Shah will already be emotionally distraught. Had there been a will in place this financial minefield could have been avoided.

These circumstances surely necessitate the need for a Will especially for those expats that are deepening their roots day by day in the UAE. If you want proper disbursement of your wealth after your death, it is necessary to have a will more so, if you are an expat residing in the UAE. In the most countries there are statutory laws or intestacy rules to guide the distribution of property, in the event of death. In the UAE, your assets may be disbursed according to the Shariah law.

Your WILL needs a specialist.

The Wills Specialists understand the enormous implications and importance of making a Will as an expat in the UAE. Can you afford not to talk to them?

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